Wednesday, January 14, 2009

raw love.

dear los angeles:

many people from all over the world come to visit you because of something that has always seemed oh-so-silly to me: the ground. the stars embedded in the sidewalk, the hand and footprints pressed into the concrete, the steps that stars graced back in the studio days.

so silly because, as i see it they should look up. not to the mountains [though they are one of my favorite things about you] or the hollywood sign. somewhere between feet and horizon - to the table.

when i host visitors the very first thing i want to take them to do is eat sushi. what i miss most when i go away is sushi. i crave it more often than i allow myself to eat it. as my friends start to have children the question most on my mind is, 'how will they live without sushi for that long?'

i admit, i may be a bit obsessed. but, if you've had sushi in los angeles, you can hardly blame me. another thing i love about sushi is that it's one of a few things the valley is highly competitive at. all my favorites are in the valley.

tonight we hit midori, an all-you-can-eat place that is a far cry from hometown buffet. skilled sushi chefs, above average cuts of fish, friendly patrons, and a tv that always plays the games [yeah, that part isn't for me.] though my favorite chef moved himself and his family to baltimore, the guys manning the place do a fine job and are very pleasant. favorites here: hawaiian king mackerel [ono] and the clipper roll. tonight the hamachi belly was particularly delish.

by the way, there are three midoris but i drive twenty-five blocks further to the one in studio city 'cause it's my fava-fave.

a few doors down from midori is the well-known katsu-ya. a humble looking, strip mall storefront that i've never been in without a celebrity spotting [most recently sacha baron cohen aka borat]. they have the best cuts of fish in town and by far the most competent chefs. if they have toro, you cannot leave without it. i orchestrate visits here around a waitress named mindy's work schedule. if you are the adventurous type, let her size you up and order for you. if you're not, at least order the honey roll.

good bargain lunch sushi: maki yaki II. there's only one, but i like that they feel the need to dub it the second anyway. these people are the friendliest, most welcoming folks. the place is situated next to a drag queen thrift store and a doggie-u-wash. it's not much to look at, but considering the prices and the quality, it's a go-to. they also nail take out sushi; hard to do.

also notable - iroha, but more for the atmosphere than anything really stand out. it's nestled and lit with white string lights. 'nuff said.

all you can eat runner up - a ca-shi. down the street from cbs radford and the chef/owner jay will know your name after the second visit.

[i realize it is bold to note only sushi restaurants in the valley, but i go where the good is.]


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