Wednesday, January 14, 2009

l.a. & a paper rose

there she is, never without her trademark palm tree earings...

"I just moved back to dc from los angeles" is part of my background
explainer, still, after eight months back on the east coast.

i won't let go. i can't let go.

not yet. maybe not ever.

i feel privlidged to have been a los angeleno. i'm never shy of saying
so. not always fond of the opinions people are compelled to share with
me after hearing I once was, I often eschew the hate or love l.a.

the thought of debating makes me tired. to try and name all the best
that exists in la make me want to take a big ol' nap. I don't want to
defend - you can't love or hate la they way i do. i don't want you

relax. los angelenos know how to make relaxing look GOOD&EASY. better
thank any other major u.s. city.

relax with you next week, my love.

-the doc

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