Saturday, March 14, 2009

To A Girl I Know

My best friend is having her birthday party in L.A. tonight.
A birthday that has come during a time where she could probably care the least about it.
A birthday surrounded by circumstances that have most likely made her question every bit of our existence. Of her purpose. Of what's the fucking point?

I picture her sitting with her friends tonight, laughing and talking, all the while a pain deeper than she maybe has every felt before, sits nestled at the bottom of her heart. Her heart weighs one hundred tons right now and she doesn't know how to change that. We don't know how to change it either. I would give everything I could to lift that weight away and throw it into the ocean. We'd sit there and watch that pain drift away, over the horizon, and out of her life forever.


  1. you have a very interesting blog. :) i like it.

  2. So I absolutely ADORE the lay-out of your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

    I have to say that I have had a birthday exactly like that recently. We found out my mom is sick right before my birthday but I can tell you that I am sure your friend is lucky to have you as a friend.

  3. glad you girls like our little blog here. thank you for the feedback [even though this is lauren's entry!]

    lola, so sorry to hear about your mother. would it be out of line to ask you what she was diagnosed with?

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